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   Beautiful product packaging

I'm a sucker for innovative packaging. This is not to say that most people don't appreciate great product packaging; simply that I get hooked line and sinker when I see something out of the ordinary. I become mesmerized and convince myself that, due to the awesome packaging, I NEED the product that said packaging is advertising. Even if I do not, in fact, need it. For instance, I am a hardcore cherry ChapStick fan. Have been for years. I love the smell, the ultra-moisturizing balm and how ridiculously cheap it is. I stash one in every purse, bag, coat pocket and nook that I can find. But here comes the curveball. The brand EOS (Evolution of Smooth) recently released a new line of lip balms that are unlike anything I'd seen before. Unlike the tried-and-true unscrew and twist balms like my beloved cherry ChapStick, EOS balms are small rolling orbs surrounded by tiny plastic capsules. In inviting pastel colors. With names like 'Strawberry Sorbet' and 'Honeysuckle Honeydew'. That smell like happiness. was EOS = 1, Chelsea = 0. I bought three before I realized that I did not need any more chapstick. That this recent purchase tipped my lip balm count somewhere north of 10 tubes/balls. I'd been had by the glory of superb design.

But I'll bet I'm not the only one.

Are you the type of person that easily can be swayed by the temptation that innovative packaging proposes. Even if you don't buy a product that looks amazing, do you ever just spend extra time checking it out if its encapsulated by attractive apparel?

I've composed a series of tests so that you may see what side of the spectrum you land on. I will list out product categories. In each category are two pictures - one with typical product design for said category, and another with atypical product design for that category. It's up to you to mentally choose which product, due to its packaging, you'd be most likely to buy/use/choose.


Medicine: Would you rather purchase EXHIBIT A or EXHIBIT B?

Soap: Would you rather purchase EXHIBIT A or EXHIBIT B?

Tea: Would you rather purchase EXHIBIT A or EXHIBIT B?

Vodka: Would you rather purchase EXHIBIT A or EXHIBIT B?

Posted by ctheno at University of Kansas - Delta Gamma

   YouTubing Your Way to the Top

With the reach of the internet, being a star in your own right is easier than ever. Basically all you have to do is grab a webcam, shoot some good stuff and upload it. After that, who knows? Maybe you'll be discovered and launched into the lime light.

The most recent internet phenomenon goes by the name of Rebecca Black. This playful pre-teen is only 13-years-old and became an internet sensation from her song, produced by Ark Music Factory, 'Friday.' Some say Black became popular because her singing is less than favorable and other will argue that she's actually got what it takes to make it.

In the age of Facebook and YouTube, is it really so easy to become a star? And if so, does that devalue the other celebrities who worked countless numbers of years to get where they are? Check out Rebecca Black's video and decide for yourself. 

Posted by AdeebMahmood at University of Minnesota - 

   Tweep of the Week

So for all of you out there who have been holding off on the Twitter train, a 'tweep' is a person or user on Twitter. While most of us use Twitter for personal uses, like to update our friends and family on the things we've been up to, others use it to create a persona, or a profile that is based off one central idea.

I picked @TheSingleWoman as Tweep of the Week for this week. Created by a 30-something-year-old looking for love in Nashville, Mandy Hale is the founder and producer of TheSingleWoman. With often, sometimes even hourly updates, TheSingleWoman is targeted at other single women and aims to help them during a rough time they might be having or just a sad moment that passes through.

Since Twitter allows users to receive tweets from the users of their choice on cell phones, getting a text with a tweet from TheSingleWoman quoting someone like Ghandi or Sex and the City can make all the difference in your day.

Providing single women around the world with uplifting phrases in 140 characters or less, TheSingleWoman definitely qualifies as Tweep of the Week. Check out her Twitter page here


Picture from TheSingleWoman's Twitter page.

Posted by EllenSheftel at Ohio University -